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Aqua Legion UK Ltd, with our specialist partners are now able to offer one of the most Environmentally Friendly means of Tank Cleaning and chemical disinfections available today!

Whilst we are able to offer, and arrange  various tank cleaning and disinfection services. We encourage the use of Stabilised hydrogen peroxide based tank cleaning and tank disinfection products due to their effectiveness in eradicating legionella in premises where the bacteria has been prevalent and where chlorination has been unsuccessful.

Due to the nature of stabilised hydrogen peroxide tank cleaning and tank disinfection products, it is much more effective at removing biofilm than chlorine. Biofilm are the common cause of a seeded systems. With a routine dosing regime using stabilised hydrogen peroxide, biofilms can be destroyed effectively leaving once problematic systems free of legionella bacteria.

Furthermore, by using stabilised hydrogen Peroxide based products both drinking and domestic water systems can be treated without isolating any of the services or taking any of the services out of commission.

Silver Peroxide disinfection is a particularly useful technique for Hoteliers, Housing Associations and Councils etc where access to tap outlets or safe isolation is often problematic.  However, the use of this relatively safe product should not be taken for granted, and it should always be recommended that simple notifications be conducted to inform all site occupants of the process and any precautions to be taken during the disinfection work including assuring the drafting of a site specific risk assessment and method statement for the process. If this procedure is followed correctly,  any system can be disinfected without any significant risk to occupant health or safety and without the system being taken out of service.

Whilst silver hydrogen peroxide is the product of choice there are a number of tank cleaning products we can use depending on the building or system type to be disinfected. Tank cleaning and system distribution pipe work cleaning can also be conducted using stabilised hydrogen peroxide products that do not contain silver. Such products are normally used where there is no evidence of significant microbial activity but where there is a clear visible requirement for tank cleaning due to silt deposit built up at that base of the tank for example.

Cleaning tanks and systems which are known to have been colonised should be conducted using Chlorine preferably. however where tank cleaning and disinfection using chlorine is not possible then such systems should be disinfected with Stabilised silver hydrogen peroxide.

Environmental implications of Tank Cleaning and Tank Disinfection using Stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide

The great thing about silver hydrogen peroxide and other Stabilised hydrogen peroxide products is that it breaks down into pure oxygen and water whilst the silver is simply flushed through the system over time. At effective disinfection levels this product is completely safe.  Dosed at the required levels this chemical is effective in  controlling legionella and most other waterborne pathogens. Furthermore, there is no detectable taste, odour or colour. In fact it is completely undetectable by the user and the water remains completely  safe to drink, bath in, cook with, etc as normal.  Using silver peroxide is one of the  safest and most non intrusive ways of  tank cleaning or treating domestic water systems in residential or commercial accommodation.

We have been able to prove on numerous occasions that quarterly,  six monthly or annual disinfection’s using silver hydrogen peroxide can be completely un-intrusive and will resolve to support the control of legionella in most basic water systems. However, if you would prefer more traditional chlorination, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Thermal disinfections

If legionella bacteria is found in domestic hot water systems it will normally be possible to carryout a thermal disinfection excercise. Thermal disinfection can also be used as a routine control measure to ensure the hot water system is cleaned periodically throughout the year. Thermal disinfection or pasteurisation can be conducted by raising the temperatures in the calorifier or water heater to 70°C for at least one hour. This hot water should then be drawn to each outlet or appliance ensuring the temperature  does no fall below 60°C.

The risk of scalding should be considered and suitable precautions should be implemented when undertaking thermal disinfection of the hot water system.

Tank Cleaning and System Disinfections – Silver hydrogen peroxide

It has now been well documented that tank cleaning and disinfection using silver and copper based techniques can be much more effective than the traditional method of using chlorine. Furthermore, with effective biofilm removal silver peroxide can demonstrate clear advantages over traditional chlorination.

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