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Aqua Legion UK Ltd – Water Hygiene and Legionella Information Bank.

Industry Specific Legionella Information:

We have put together this Legionella information bank to support clients in suitably managing the risk of legionella bacteria in the work place.  The Legionella Information bank section of our website is an ever expanding resource of FAQ and other information associated with water hygiene and legionella control. The Legionella information provided  covers a wide variety of topics and client sectors.

The Legionella Information section covers in detail:

Information about legionella risk assessment, Information about Legionella services, legionella sampling services information, legionella management techniques, water quality monitoring, Tank cleaning and system disinfections. Water Quality testing and Taste and Odour issues,  Plus much more.

You should also find useful Legionella information covering routine maintenance tasks required to manage the risk of legionella in the work place along with a range of issues to look out for when undertaking routine tasks.

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We hope you enjoy this fantastic ever expanding resource of legionella information.