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Aqua Legion – Bringing Mindfulness to the Legionella Control Industry

What Makes Aqua Legion Different

Aqua Legion UK Ltd is an independent legionella consultancy. We are London’s Legionella Control Specialists focused on the provision of supportive consultancy services that enable our clients to make mindful decisions in controlling legionella bacteria in the work place.

Over the years we have refined our Legionella Risk Assessment and Legionella Management Services in a way that allows effortless integration into a new or existing legionella management programme.

Our aim is to ensure each client covers their legal obligations relating to legionella cost-effectively. For this reason, we do not offer any remedial works or products from our specialist in-house team. This allows us to keep our options open and review all that is available to serve our clients most cost-effectively.

It is always our first point of call to suitably manage, maintain or control any risks identified with the least amount of additional expenditure. Our Mindful motto is to simply “Start Where We Are” and implement the most cost-effective solutions immediately available to reduce any identified risks without further significant expenditure.

However, where remedial works, monitoring or maintenance procedures are deemed necessary or essential, we will also provide the necessary support services to ensure the tasks are completed to the required standard and effectively reduce the risks identified.

Far too often we find remedial works being recommended or conducted that offer no real reduction of the actual risks.

For us, this represents wasted time, effort and money. Consequently, all of our services and the recommendations that come with it are underpinned with a mindful awareness of the fact that legionella management should be a balance between compliance and the core intention to reduce, manage and control the risk of legionella, against the costs, level of risk and likelihood of infection.

We are happy to confirm that we have no storage warehouses full of tanks, chemicals or equipment that we are under pressure to sell you. We have no agreements with other Organisations that ultimately sway or influence our recommendations and guides the client to unnecessary expenditure simply because we need to get rid of stock or fulfil an agreement!

However, we do facilitate, manage or oversee such contractors to ensure a fair and appropriate job is actually completed. Worried about your chemical water treatment consumption? email us for professional support.

Uniquely Robust and Uniquely Mindful

All of our services are conducted with the end user in mind. Our intention is to make the management of legionella hassle-free and affordable as opposed to complicated and costly, but also in a way that will stand up to scrutiny and offer a robust level of defence, should any unavoidable issues arise.

With this in mind, we try to formulate relationships with our clients that allow our experience to transfer to those Responsible as necessary.

Consequently, we do not offer a simple laboratory-type testing service, we are not a laboratory and we do not conduct water analysis on samples that have already been collected by somebody else. Likewise, neither do we simply issue a list of results or a bunch of certificates that only a scientist can understand or fully interpret.

All of our water sampling, analysis and testing services require a Consultant or Technician to visit your site premises to collect a fresh sample from the source in question. All samples are then transported and submitted to the laboratory within 6 hours of collection and no more than 24 hours for legionella and chemical examination. Strict sample collection and transportation procedures are adhered to.

This ensures the samples are most representative of the source from which they are collected and that the source or systems are fully inspected to aid appropriate interpretation of the results and a professional final report conclusion.

Furthermore, we are the jargon busters! we talk straight, and provide the understanding our clients need to make appropriate choices whether you work at the grassroots or most corporate of levels. We do not see the need to intellectualise everything in a way that keeps you in the dark!

All our documentation and report formats are designed to be simple to understand and utilise to minimise the risks of legionella in your building.

By calling upon Aqua Legion you can be assured that you will not receive a jargon-packed report that you are unable to understand or act upon. This Mindful approach to legionella control ensures integrity, sincerity, honesty, resilience and ultimately peace of mind.

Legionella risk assessments and legionella management that every client is able to understand!

We offer a truly personal and supportive independent consultancy service. We attend site to collect samples ourselves, we conduct independent surveys, audits, reviews and inspections. We oversee water treatment contractors, tank cleaning contractors, monitoring technicians and new installations to ensure your job is completed in a way that offers value for money and appropriate protection from any risk of litigation that may arise.

Our services ensure the efficacy of the monitoring, management and sampling procedures that are put in place. It speeds up the time between sampling and laboratory submission and testing. We offer full interpretation of results and demystification of the legislation and industry jargon. We put forward recommendations for water quality and water management improvements only as and when required.

Each client will receive a formally written report as agreed including a summary of the site visit, interpretation of results, a full list of recommendations, system inspection results, certificates and conclusions including photographic evidence where required.

We do not just issue a list of results

Our services are bespoke, each programme designed to enable each client to demonstrate that they have done all that is reasonably practical to ensure the risks from legionella were adequately controlled.

These are some of the most important and mindful aspects that have underpinned this company and our development as London’s Leading Legionella Control Specialists over the past 10 years.

Effortless Integration by Legionella Control Specialists

Aqua Legion UK specialise in focusing your Organisation’s efforts appropriately. This reduces waste and unnecessarily onerous and expensive measures often being implemented through misguidance and poor understanding between legislation, best management practices, and guidance.

We offer all the information and support needed to ensure our clients achieve compliance to the legislation most cost-effectively. Furthermore, this website has been designed to offer a wealth of information for site operatives, duty holders and responsible persons to refer to, enabling any Responsible Person to make mindful decisions to control the risk of legionella in any work place. We see this as our Free giveaway!

Contact us for Industry leading Legionella Risk Assessments and Legionella Consultancy Services.

The London’s Leading Mindful Legionella Control Specialist