The benefits of Legionella Testing – Why test for legionella?

In many cases the benefits of carrying out routine legionella testing far outweighs the potential health and legal risks involved from not carrying out legionella testing. Regular testing for legionella can help prevent potential and sometimes fatal outbreaks of Legionnaires’ disease.

Furthermore, routine legionella testing helps to safeguard the health and well-being of building occupants, tenants and visitors to any facility. With our certified laboratory test results we provide documented historical data to support and help protect building owners and managers against potential litigation in the event of an outbreak.

The periodic monitoring for legionella bacteria will supplement any comprehensive maintenance program and will serve to demonstrate a clear action of due diligence whilst ensuring the programme is working effectively.

Likewise, legionella testing can be particularly important where full compliance to the HSE’s ACOP cannot be practically achieved. This will enable reactive procedures to be implemented where the more frequent routine maintenance management and monitoring tasks detailed in L8 are extremely difficult to carry out. Local Authorities and Housing Associations etc may wish to implement strategic routine sampling programmes to demonstrate on-going diligence with regards to legionella. Reactive measure such a disinfection using silver peroxide will serve to offer Local Authorities and Councils etc a non intrusive but very effective means of managing any water system.