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Do you need water sampling, water testing or water analysis?

We provide water sampling services for a wide variety of water systems including domestic, commercial and industrial systems.

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From straight forward drinking water sampling and inspection, to detailed chemical analysis of process water systems, Aqua Legion are ready to deliver a supportive service that will allow you to make informed decisions about your water supply or water system.

As explained on our Legionella testing page, there is a difference between “Water Testing” and “Water Sampling”. While we won’t go into too much detail again here, we do confirm that Water Testing is the process used for analysing the constituents or microbial content of the water. “Water Sampling” is the action of sample collection and transportation. It should be highlighted that they are not the same and there are clear and seperate British Standards for both.

Water Sampling can be a tricky process and your strategy needs to be clear

What seems to be a simple process of filling a sample bottle can turn into a major issue as the method and process of sampling can have a substantial effect on the final result obtained.

For example, it is a well known fact that simply adjusting the length of time the outlet is flushed prior to water sampling can have a substantial effect on the result obtained. All sampling should be conducted in accordance with British Standard BS 7592 when sampling is undertaken for Legionella. BS7592 explains the importance of flushing times as a simple example of an element of the sampling procedure that can significantly change a result.

It is also vital to ensure that aseptic techniques are used. This is to limit the risk of interference with the general microbial quality of the sample as such interference can cause cross contamination due to poor sampling technique and subsequently lead to overgrown plates and false positives for example.

Aqua legion specialise in drinking water sampling and legionella sampling

Why Water sampling – Routine Water sampling is the single most cost effective tool in determining the actual quality of the water at any location. Independent water testing in commercial premises will ensure you are able to clearly demonstrate that the water in your building is fit for purpose. Furthermore, implementing an independent sampling programme will resolve to ensure you get the best from all contractors and service providers involved with the water services in your building.

All our water samples are tested via UKAS accredited laboratories as standard. We are able to offer a range of microbiological analysis and chemical testing services to cover a variety of requirements.

A flexible water sampling service

If you require a one off sampling service, or routine water sampling programme for a cooling tower for example you have come the right place. Aqua Legion provides sampling and inspections services to cover any water system in the workplace, domestic or natural environment. Our sampling visits are backed up with a full water system inspections, results interpretation, recommendations and certification.

We conduct sampling for legislative, verification, reassurance or operational purposes using the most up to date scientific aseptic techniques.

Typical Water Systems That We Sample daily:

Drinking water services, Spa baths (Jacuzzis), Car washes, Swimming pools, Vending machines, Cooling Towers, Cold water storage tanks, Humidifiers, Process Waters, Showers, Calorifiers, Dental equipment, Emergency showers, Eye wash units, Hot & Cold Systems, Fountains & water features, Bottled or POU dispensers, Closed systems, Water heaters.

Water Sampling Bottles

Water samples collected in line with UKAS and British standards need to be collected in appropriate containers. This doesn’t mean any plastic bottle!

Samples which are tested for Legionella or microbial quality should be taken in a sterile bottle container which is treated with Sodium thiosulphate. The thiosulphate is used to neutralise the effect of any residual chlorine in the sample taken, this is needed to fix the state of the sample between the time the sample is collected, transported and then analysed in the laboratory.

Samples should be labelled with a sample number and details of the sample location should be agreed and recorded for reference purposes and to aid the reporting of sampling test results.

Chemical samples will also need to be taken using appropriate bottles and indeed there will be many forms of sampling that will require bottles to be laced with fixing agents.

Water Sampling & Competence

Each Water Hygiene Technician is trained to take samples using aseptic techniques. This means taking the water samples in a way that is least likely to contaminate the sample. Whilst this may seem simple, there are many procedures to be followed during the sampling process that ensure a dependable result. For example simply resting a bottle cap upwards as opposed to facing down can alter the sample result. Yes it’s that easy to get a misrepresentation of the system from such a simple action!

A range of British Standards are used when undertaking a sampling programme

The standard used will be appropriate to the situation of your sampling requirements. Listed below is an example of the British standards that can be used when testing different drinking water systems of which there is a wide variety.

BS ISO 5667-21:2010. Water quality. Sampling. Guidance on sampling of drinking water distributed by tankers or means other than distribution pipes

BS ISO 5667-21:2010. Water quality. Sampling. Guidance on sampling of drinking water distributed by tankers or means other than distribution pipes

BS ISO 5667-5:2006. Water quality. Sampling. Guidance on sampling of drinking water from treatment works and piped distribution systems

BS ISO 5667-5:2006. Water quality. Sampling. Guidance on sampling of drinking water from treatment works and piped distribution systems

BS 6068-6.5:1991, ISO 5667-5:1991. Water quality. Sampling. Guidance on sampling of drinking water and water used for food and beverage processing.

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