Independent Consultancy

Legionella Consultancy and Independence

All of our services are designed to offer an independent objective view of the systems procedures and processes in place to manage legionella in the work place. Our independence offers measures that cover both the responsible persons and contractors involved in the management and maintenance of water systems.

We provide independent Legionella Risk Assessment and Consultancy services direct to industry organisations such as:

However, we also work alongside chemical water treatment companies, cleaning and disinfection companies, refurbishment companies, facilities management companies and Independent laboratories to ensure you get the most cost effective job completed to the required standard as necessary.

Industry sector organisations that appoint Aqua Legion UK as an independent specialist in the Provision of L8 compliant Legionella Risk Assessments, auditing, training, water sampling and inspections etc are able to clearly demonstrate transparency in their own services.

Where an industry sector organisation utilises our independent services, the client can be extremely confident that the recommendations, procedures and processes introduced will be completely unbiased and focused on the client’s essential needs.

This transparency in service separates organisations who only conduct risk assessments to generate work, from those organisations who have a genuine desire to offer protection to their clients, employees and visitors in the work place.

Independence creates transparency

By offering direct support to the responsible persons and contracting organisation we create an extra layer of defence in the whole water management programme. Our services also enable the responsible persons and contractors to effectively demonstrate that they have done all that is reasonable and practical to achieve best management practices and compliance to the ACOP and legislation pertaining legionella.

This transparency in service will offer any organisation or responsible person a level of reduced exposure to risks of litigation regarding legionella.

Effective Independence – Legionella Risk Assessment specialists

Our independent services are most effective where the client already has a water treatment company or facilities management company in place. By working with the responsible persons and the contractors we are able to offer independent support that enables both parties to effectively monitor and review the entire control scheme. This ensures that the control schemes and tasks are being conducted in accordance with legislation, guidance and contractual commitments for the benefit of both the client and contractors.

Our independent services provide an effective communication line between the action on the ground and management teams of both clients and contractors. The aim is to create effective teamwork and relationships designed to ensure any organisation’s water services are managed effectively.

Aqua Legion provides an extra layer of defence around those individuals and organisations who are ultimately responsible for or involved in, the physical maintenance, management and installation of water systems. Our service ensures a competent person is overseeing the action on the ground and that any issues will be picked up prior to the escalation of any risks.

Why do you need independence?


Water Treatment Companies, Plant Equipment Supply and Refurbishment Companies or Facilities Management Companies etc, should ask the following questions:
1) Are you able to demonstrate true transparency and professionalism in your risk assessment services?
2) Can you clearly demonstrate that you do not conduct risk assessments to generate work?
3) Are your risk assessments truly unbiased and focused on minimal environmental impact, sustainability and cost effective water management?
4) Would you like to offer as part of your service additional benefits such as an extra layer of protection for both the client and your own organisation?
5) Would you like to clearly demonstrate to all of your clients that your operation or service comes with oversight from a specialist independent consultancy who are focused on ensuring the entire team is constantly working towards or achieving best industry practices?
6) Would you like to provide your clients with confidence in your products or services via independent verification?
7) Are you totally confident that all service visits are conducted in line with your organisations standards and requirements?

8 ) Would you like to provide independent oversight to ensure your obligations are covered, and that your engineers are always applying your expected levels of service?

Responsible Persons and Employers

If you are the person responsible for the water services in the work place you should ask yourself the following questions with honesty:
1) How will I really know if the Water Treatment Company is really doing what they are contracted to do?
2) How will I know if the disinfection works are conducted in line with guidance and best practices?
3) How will I know that the chemical treatment programme is being conducted adequately?
4) How will I know if the treatment programme is adequate, in line with the ACOP and Guidance?
5) Have I really got the time to monitor and manage the water services effectively?
6) In event of prosecution could I really demonstrate that I have suitable training, knowledge, competence and resources to manage the risk of legionella in the work place?
7) Would I be able to clearly demonstrate that I have done all that is reasonable and practical to reduce the risk?

If you are a contractor and would like to have clear transparency in the services you offer or if you are a responsible person without adequate training and knowledge and feel that it would be difficult to clearly demonstrate compliance to the legislation yourself. Our independent services will be extremely valuable to you and the Organisation for which you work or run.

Comprehensive Services

For those clients and responsible persons who require a more comprehensive all in one service. Please be assured that Aqua Legion UK Ltd are able to offer a fully comprehensive service to cover any organisation or water system. Furthermore, with our specialist reputable associate companies and organisations we are able to introduce effective and competent teams to manage any domestic or commercial water system in the built environment.