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For bespoke Legionella Training Courses to cover up to 15 participants please complete the form below.

Alternatively, contact us by phone on 0208 555 3797 to arrange a place on the next quarterly open Legionella training day.

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Please note: Training is limited to class sizes of 15 maximum unless stated. It is also your responsibility to ensure you comply to your legal obligations associated with legionella control. The client will retain responsibility for all services, procedures and tasks not managed directly or undertaken directly by Aqua Legion UK Ltd. As such, it is important to highlight that Aqua Legion will only be responsible for those items and services as detailed in the proposal above. All remaining items required to manage the risk of legionella appropriately will remain the client’s responsibility unless Aqua Legion are formally appointed to manage, monitor, implement or maintain such other control items. It is important to highlight that a variety of routine inspections, monitoring and management tasks and procedures will be required to demonstrate compliance to the HSE’s Approved Code of Practice L8 document where there is a foreseeable risk of legionella growth proliferation and subsequent infection. Likewise, it is important to highlight that the HSE’s Approved Code of practice applies wherever the Health and Safety at Work Act applies including residential properties of a commercial nature. Overall compliance responsibility relating to Legionella Control remains with the client. It is therefore the client’s responsibility to ensure any Contractors appointed to provide legionella risk assessments and other related water hygiene and legionella management services are competent to carry out the works to which they have been assigned. As such, the HSE encourages organisations supplying such services to be registered with the Legionella Control Association (LCA) and suggest Organisations source suppliers registered as a minimum measure of Competence. All registered companies are subject to regular audits by the Legionella Control Association to ensure a minimum standard in service delivery is maintained.

Aqua Legion is registered as a Category 1 Service Provider with the Legionella Control Association. We can also confirm that all services, procedures and tasks managed or undertaken directly by Aqua Legion UK Ltd will be conducted in accordance with the HSE’s Approved Code of Practice L8 where reasonably practical to do so and the Legionella Control Associations minimum Standards for Service Delivery. However, it is again highlighted that Aqua Legion will only retain overall responsibility for the tasks or services as specified under this quotation unless otherwise formally documented.


Please note:  your legal obligations and Aqua Legion LCA Certification