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Legionella risk assessment, water testing and Indoor air quality consultancy services from Aqua Legion UK Ltd.  Here at Aqua Legion UK Ltd we have been working very hard to create this brand new website. It’s just as packed with fantastically useful information as the last, but moves a significant industry step forward in creating a better on line user experience. We hope you enjoy it!

Providing Legionella Risk Assessment and Legionella Management Services is our speciality.

Aqua Legion UK Ltd is still a leading provider of Legionella Risk Assessment, Water Hygiene Monitoring and Independent Legionella Consultancy Services throughout the UK.

Our Industry leading Consultants, provide site specific Legionella Surveys, Legionella Testing, Legionella Training and Legionella Assessment Programmes to various Organisations and Industry Sectors.

If you require a Competent Specialist  to support any type of Legionella control, water hygiene or water quality issue in the Natural, Domestic or Work Place Environment, you have come to the right place!

From standard Legionella assessment and inspection services, to complex drinking water sampling or indoor air quality assessments, Aqua Legion UK Ltd provide a client tailored service that ensures compliance with Legislation, all British Standards, the Health and Safety Executives Approved Code of Practice ACOP L8, and other key guidance documentation.

Whether you require a Legionella Risk Assessment in compliance with ACOP L8 or BS8580, Legionella testing in accordance with BS7592, a Legionella review or audit, or Occupational health and safety assessment, Fire Risk Assessments or Health and Safety Assessment, our Consultants have the experience to deliver a brilliance that is simply too hard to match.

From the root to the fruit as they say!

Established from a Scientific and Professional Environmental Consultancy background, Aqua Legion UK Ltd has developed a solid foundation of knowledge that has since grown and flourished into industry leading expertise. Our legionella risk assessment and management support services have been commended as outstanding. When it comes to providing any type of legionella risk assessment or Legionella management, water testing or water hygiene service, Aqua Legion UK are the assured choice.

Legionella Risk Assessment, Water Hygiene & Occupational Health & Safety:

Legionella risk assessment and legionella management is our speciality but that’s not all we do. Aqua Legion also provide a range of water testing, water sampling and occupational health, safety, hygiene and environmental services that cover and support our clients legal obligations cost effectively.

Whether you require a legionella risk assessment, Legionella testing,  Legionella training, management or legionella policy formations and auditing, we have everything you need for a comprehensive Legionella control and management program.

Any type of Water Testing or Water Sampling Service

Our experience as independent consultants enables Aqua Legion to provide a range of water testing, water sampling and water management services our clients investigative, reassurance, verification or legislative requirement. From basic domestic drinking water testing to routine cooling tower monitoring or complex process and natural water analysis, Aqua Legion is able to examine the hygienic and or operational condition of any water system.

Indoor air quality, Health and Safety and Other Consultancy Services 

As well as a wide range of bespoke consultancy services, our specialists provide indoor air quality monitoring and assessments for a range of investigative reasons including, sick building syndrome investigations, work rate productivity investigations and health and safety concerns. Our routine indoor air monitoring services have been utilised to resolve many ongoing work place indoor air quality issues throughout the UK. Aqua Legion also provide Health and Safety Risk Assessments, Fire Risk Assessments, and Occupational Hygiene Assessments. For anything legionella or workplace health an safety related you have come to the right place.

Sustainability campaign.

Localise your Legionella risk assessment, Legionella management and Water Hygiene Service and save money now!

From a Built Environment Consultancy background Promoting sustainability and helping to reduce the UK’s Carbon Foot Print is of paramount importance. Not only are we committed to the preservation of the environment, we are also committed to supporting local businesses for localised sustainability and environmental enrichment.

This vision means we offer extremely competitive rates for all London based companies and particularly those located within the M25 area. From North London to South London, East London to West London and of course Central London. If you require a Legionella risk assessment, Legionella control programme, Legionella management service or water testing or water sampling contact us for our most competitive rate.

Do you have a Property Portfolio in London that is serviced by a Legionella risk assessment company or water hygiene contractor located outside of London? Switch to Aqua Legion UK and you will reduce your organisations carbon foot print and help to promote local sustainability and environmental enrichment.

But it’s not just London! – We now aim to provide a nationwide localised service.

“How?” we hear you ask? With our Team of industry leading Legionella Consultants based throughout the UK, we are now often able to provide a localised service across the country. Often we are able to despatch a trained specialist Technician or Consultant who will live less than 20 miles from any location within the UK. Their preferred mode of transport will always be public if possible. Whilst our Act Local, Think Global campaign started in London, we now have the network of specialists to deliver this ethos across the UK whilst ensuring the same perfectly standardised quality of Aqua Legion UK Ltd.

A National Service with a Localised Touch and still London’s Legionella Risk Assessment Specialists! Ooh Yes!

Our Legionella Risk Assessment and Management Quality is Assured

Our independent Legionella Risk Assessment and Legionella Consultancy services are dependable, our recommendations are unbiased and geared towards adequately covering the legislative liabilities and other specified requirements of every client cost effectively.

Whilst specialising in independent consultancy, Aqua Legion can facilitate the implementation of Legionella control regimes and remedial actions that arise from Legionella risk assessments through our ability driven Supply Chain able to combine to offer and implement the most cost effective water treatment, water management and Legionella risk control programmes available on the market today. This is a new transparent and extremely effective way to management legionella and health and safety in the work place.

For Free Industry Sector specific Legionella risk assessment and legionella Management Info – Visit the download centre by clicking here.

Do you need a Legionella Risk Assessment or Water Risk Assessment?

There is a legal requirement to conduct a Legionella water risk assessment in the work place. Often we are called with enquiries for  legionella testing or a for us to conduct a legionella test and we ask whether a legionella risk assessment has been done?  Unfortunately often the reply is no but we need a legionella test. We then advise that the legal requirement is to conduct a risk assessment which will then confirm the requirement for testing and indicate the frequency of testing.

All work place water management programmes should start with the production of a legionella risk assessment. The water risk assessment should comply with ACOP L8, BS8580, and the Water Safety Plan.

For particular sites such as NHS Hospital premises, the Water Safety Plan Approach is considered the most effective means of water hygiene management. The Water Safety plan is designed to ensure all water-borne pathogens and diseases and contaminants are maintained as part of the routine monitoring or management programme and does not focus just on legionella but cover a broader scope of water hygiene issues and liabilities.

However, for now the legionella risk assessment is the legal requirement and should be the starting point of all water management programmes but if you only require legionella testing then we can do that too.

Start your programme by getting formal guidance on the appropriate and required checks and the frequency of such checks for your particular building. Our Legionella Risk Assessment will detail whether you need legionella testing and the frequency of testing to monitor the system adequately.

 Legionella risk assessments confirm the level of risk and subsequently define the frequency of any tasks required to manage the risk including legionella testing.

Need further information from a real industry expert contact us now!

Aqua Legion UK – London and the UK’s Legionella Risk Assessment Specialist 

Legionella Risk Assessment and Management information from the regulators /enforcing body and other specialists: