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London’s Independent Legionella Specialist!

Aqua Legion UK Ltd is a specialist Legionella Risk Assessment and Water Monitoring Consultancy.

We specialise in the delivery of independent legionella risk assessments and water management or monitoring services to businesses and individuals throughout London and surrounding areas. Visit our information bank for Industry Specific Legionella Management Services and Information.

However, if you have a multi-property portfolio that is UK wide, please feel free to contact us.

Legionella Risk Assessment Services – Our Speciality

Over the past 10 years, Aqua Legion has operated as a leading provider of Legionella Risk Assessment, Water Hygiene Monitoring and Independent Legionella Consultancy Services. Our Consultants are fully trained and experienced providers of site specific Legionella Surveys, Legionella Testing, Legionella Training and Legionella Risk Assessment Programmes that have proved to be the most sustainable and effective over the longer term when compared to the competition.

If you require a Competent Independent Specialist to support any type of Legionella control, water hygiene or water quality monitoring issue, you have come to the right place!

From standard Legionella assessment and inspection services, to complex drinking water sampling, Aqua Legion UK Ltd provide a client tailored service that demonstrates compliance to the Relevant Legislation, British Standards and the HSE’s Approved Code of Practice such as, ACOP L8, HSG274 parts 1, 2 and 3 and associated Health and Safety Guidance documents including, the Department of Health HTM’s 04-01 and 01-05.

Whether you require a Legionella Risk Assessment in compliance with ACOP L8 or BS8580, Legionella testing in accordance with BS7592, a Legionella review or audit, or routine temperature monitoring, inspections or control programme. Our unique independent services mean we are always able to deliver an effective and mindful approach to legionella control.

Legionella Risk Assessment Specialist Through and Through!

Established from a Scientific and Professional Environmental Consultancy background, Aqua Legion UK Ltd has developed a solid foundation of knowledge that has flourished into industry leading expertise.

Our Senior Consultant is a Fellow of the Water Management Society and has been a board member of it’s Management Council for the past 9 years. Consequently, when it comes to providing any type of legionella risk assessment or legionella management, water testing or water hygiene service in London and the surrounding counties, we are the assured choice.

Honest, Transparent and Independent Services

The difference between us and the majority of other Legionella Companies, is that we are truly independent. Being truly independent means that we do not carryout any system remedial works or maintenance services in house. We do not sell any chemicals or water treatment products and we do not tie in any legionella risk management services with other ancillary services. We are a specialist consultancy!

Our independence from all other commercial undertakings associated with Legionella Control ensures we offer the most impartial and cost effective solutions to any of the issues we or others may identify on your site relating to legionella.

Where remedial works are necessary, we can often offer our specialist Independent Consultants opinion or a Managed Service. This means we will oversee and monitor either your own approved contractor or a subcontractor to ensure your work is conducted adequately and in accordance with relevant legislation, British Standards and HSE guidance.

This ensures both reduction of the risk of infection and the risk of litigation most cost effectively.

Our independence is an important part of delivering the most honest and transparent legionella management services available within the industry and therefore we emphasise that we do not undertake any remedial work in-house and have no formal agreements with any other organisation offering remedial work, water treatment services, chemicals or ancillary services.

Whether you require a legionella risk assessment, legionella testing,  legionella training, management or legionella policy formations and auditing, we have everything you need for a comprehensive independent legionella control and management programme. Contact us for a mindfully effective, honest and transparent approach to legionella control.

Any type of Water Testing or Water Sampling Service

Our experience as independent consultants enable Aqua Legion to provide a range of water testing, water sampling and water management services. Whether you require water sampling for investigative, reassurance, verification or legislative purposes you have come to the right Organisation.

We conduct all types of water testing and water sampling from basic domestic drinking water testing to routine cooling tower monitoring or complex process water systems analysis. Aqua Legion is able to examine the hygienic and or operational condition of any water system.

However, it is important to note that we are unable to receive water samples that have already been collected. All of our water sampling, analysis and testing services include a Consultant or Technician visiting your site to collect a fresh sample from the source to be tested. All samples are then submitted the the laboratory within 6 hours of collection and no more than 24 hours for legionella and chemical examination. This ensures the samples are most representative of the source from which they are collected and that the source or system is fully inspected to aid appropriate interpretation of results and professional integrity in the final reports conclusions.

Sustainability campaign – It’s a London Thing!

Save Money and Help Save our Planet at the Same time!

Do you have a property or multi-premise portfolio in London that is serviced by a Legionella risk assessment company or water hygiene contractor located outside of London? Switch to Aqua Legion UK and you will reduce your organisations carbon foot print and subsequently the UK’s carbon foot print in a way that ultimately helps to sustain our planet.

Furthermore, by developing a local supply chain, together we can help to promote and generate a localised environmental enrichment ethos that results in responsive, sustainable business partnerships throughout London and the surrounding counties.

Our Business is built from an Environmental and Social Sciences background. Therefore, promoting sustainability and helping to reduce the UK’s carbon foot print has always been of paramount importance. Not only are we committed to the preservation of the environment, we are also committed to supporting local businesses for localised sustainability, localised environmental enrichment, health and well being.

This vision means we offer extremely competitive rates for all London based property and customers and particularly those located within the M25 area.

If you require a legionella risk assessment, legionella control programme, temperature monitoring programme, legionella management service or water testing or water sampling service and you are in London; contact us for our most competitive rates.

However, it is also important to accept that whilst we may not always be the cheapest, we will always aim to be holistically the best!

Competent Support for any Legionella issue

Our independent legionella risk assessment and legionella Consultancy services are dependable, unbiased and geared towards adequately covering both the sites legionella risk and legislative liabilities of the Responsible Person in the most cost effective manor.

Whilst we specialise in independent consultancy, we also offer management services to independently facilitate the Responsible Persons in the implementation of any remedial actions, refurbishment or new build issues that arise from legionella risk assessments, legionella management or legionella monitoring programmes.

As part of our Independently Managed Services we oversee your contractors or appoint a subcontractor from our localised ability driven supply chain and then manage and offer independent evaluation, verification, reassurance and or validation of the works conducted.

This approach is fresh, transparent and extremely effective at ensuring you are receiving value for money remedial works or water treatment programmes associated with legionella control. It also offers direct expert guidance and support to the Responsible Person(s) within your Organisation.

For free industry sector specific legionella risk assessment and legionella management info – visit the download centre by clicking here.

Does your Workplace need a Legionella Risk Assessment?

Simple answer – YES!

The detail.

There is a clear legal requirement to conduct a legionella risk assessment in the work place or any premise where water is used for a commercial undertaking including residential property!

However, the legionella risk assessment should not be confused with legionella sampling, legionella testing or analysis, legionella monitoring, legionella management or legionella control regimes.

As a result of misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the requirements, there has been much confusion in the Estate Agent and Residential Landlord Sectors over the past few years. This has resulted in the invention of terms such as “Landlords Legionella Test Certificates” that place unnecessary burdens on the Estate Agent and private landlords industries.

Whilst it is emphasised that the risk of legionella MUST be assessed in any workplace or premises where water is used for a commercial undertaking including residential property. In the case of small rented residential properties, the risk will normally be low. Therefore, conducting the risk assessment will normally be straight forward, easy to do if you are competent and simple to document. If you require support on how to cost effectively manage legionella in residential property in London you have come to the right place.

For honest expert and professional guidance on the appropriate actions required for your particular building contact us now

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