Water Testing Services

Water Testing for a variety of different systems and business sectors:

Drinking Water Testing, Domestic water systems such as Cold water storage Tanks and Calorifiers, Cooling Tower water testing, Closed Systems and Health Care Premises water testing, including HTM 2030 and HTM 2031 requirements,  Private Water Supplies, Swimming Pool water testing, Water Features and Vending Machines water testing. Visit our information bank for Industry Specific Water Testing and Legionella Management Services.

Water Testing London Aqua Legion Water Testing London water testing aqua legion

There is an even wider variety of water testing packages available which include but are not limited to microbiological testing through to complex chemical analysis. The variations in microbiological and chemical analysis and testing offered by Aqua Legion UK is far to extensive to be listed on line but some may include.

Water Testing and Sample analysis conducted by Aqua Legion include:

Drinking Water testing including TVCC, E.coli, coliform, Fungi and Pseudomonas testing, Drinking Water chemical analysis, HTM 2030 and 2031 microbiology and chemical testing and analysis for hospitals, Renal Associated microbiology and Bsria microbiology – 5 and 21 day SRB, full and reduced deferential water testing, Cooling tower TVC, chemical and Pseudomonas testing, plus much much more… chemical testing option are far too long to list.

As well as Water testing, Aqua Legion also provides other Environmental testing services:

From air strips and contact plate or fallout plate counts for fungi, total viable counts, yeast and mould investigations, to surface contact plates for surface testing and Environmental swabs for surfaces contamination analysis, and Legionella specific swabs that can be used for solids testing and analysis of minor water accumulations Aqua Legion have it all.

For all forms of water testing and environmental testing you have come to the right place

The combination of water analysis, occupational hygiene testing and indoor air quality means our level of examination could be detailed to a forensic hygiene inspection if so needed.

Did we forget! Further to this, swabs for Pseudomonas surface contamination investigations are also available along with solids analysis, surface deposits analysis and Food analysis.

What happens when you appoint Aqua Legion to carry out your water testing requirements?

Our water testing services are supplied, utilising our network of highly capable independent UKAS accredited laboratories. Our specialist consultants, engineers or technician will visit your premises to take the sample which is then submitted to the laboratory for testing.

We consider it important that the sample is collected by a trained sampling technician. This means that the whole process both sampling and the water testing process can be undertaken in accordance with British standards and UKAS requirements.

Furthermore, taking the sample ourselves means it will be collected, stored, transported and submitted to the laboratory in a way that preserves  the condition of the sample so it is most representative of the system it was collected from. This makes the testing process and subsequent results dependable.

Typical day to day water sampling requests may include:

TVC Counts at 22oC
TVC at 37oC
Coliforms bacteria examination
Escherichia Coli bacteria examination
Enterococci bacteria
Clostridium spp or Clostridium perfringens
Pseudomonas spp and Aeruginosa
Salmonella spp plus much much more.

Water Testing and Competence

All water testing is conducted in a way that ensures compliance with European and UK Legislation and British Standards and guidance. The Key documentation utilised to define water quality after testing include:

1) The Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations
2) The Private Water Supply Regulations
3) Microbiology of Drinking Water – Water Quality and Public Health

Water testing and water sampling that goes the extra mile.

The sampling technician who visits your site will normally also conduct a brief inspection of the systems and note any potential issues identified, likewise information on the requirement for sampling will always be discussed with the client to obtain background knowledge and aid the correct interpretation of the results obtained.

Once the sample is transported to the most capable laboratory facility nearest to your location, the details of the water testing requirements are relayed to the laboratory technicians in order to proceed with the analysis.

On receipt of the results you will be issued with a formally written report detailing your results, interpretation, the findings and observations of the water testing process along with any recommendations for improvement or remedial actions based on the results obtained.

All results are fully interpreted with direct knowledge of the site and location from which they have been collected.

If you would like to book a water testing visit, please do not hesitate to give us a call. One of our consultant will be happy to talk you through the process.

One off water testing services for domestic or residential customers will normally require payment over the phone by credit card to confirm your booking.

The professional water sampling, testing and analytical service that is second to none from Aqua Legion UK Ltd.

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